25th Birdie

“Catching ghosts”, I named this Birdie. Every time, the end result amazes me, because I could never have imagined that I would come up with such a scenery. This time, four ghosts, a 17th-century man (Could it be a painter?) and a more modern female come on stage.

It looks like the man is catching two ghost-like figures with his hand, whereas the two are holding on to a third ghost at its arms or, may be better, sleeves. The fourth ghost with arms (!) behind its back, standing next to the man, ‘watches’ the whole scene. The young female with long hair falling along her chest stands at the other side next to the man, looking away from the scenery. The woman has strangely enough no feet.

Interestingly, two earlier characters re-appear, here, in this piece: first, the two ghosts that are being caught by the man, look very similar to the ones found in the 23rd Birdie; and second, the young female looks a lot like the women in the fields of the previous Birdie.

Drawn with left hand without glasses, created on December 13, 2022.