Hello world!

Hurray, BrightBird is live now!

What will you find here?! Well, Birds, of course. Or, better: “Birdies” as I call these drawings. They are a special breed, if I may say so. For that, I redirect you to the About page, where you can read all about how these Birdies have come (or are coming) to life. Well, almost all; There are (and will be) exceptions.

If you don’t care for a long read, that’s okay. Just go to the posts and look at them. But keep in mind while looking at these drawings that they all came from my subconscious or intuition. So, I never knew beforehand what I would draw, and I have not used any real-life objects or models as a reference (to copy).

Do you like them?! Stay tuned, because there is more to come. Every time, a new Birdie is born, it will find its nest, here, at BrightBird 🙂

Until then, enjoy your stay!