43rd Birdie

Here, a Birdie I wanted post 6 months ago, but never came to it doing it. It seems the cartoon style continues with this Birdie.

However, there is a big different with the previous two Birdies. With this one I went back to drawing with my both hands, again, just to have one more try. However, this time not the whole time simultaneously, but mostly alternating between both hands. Still, I am really surprised about the good result, where the man is drawn with my left hand and the woman is drawn with the right one.

The scene is also interesting in which you see a very confident and stern looking man (reminding me of Brad Bitt somehow 🙂 ) and a sad woman looking down with her eyes closed. Both are kind of dressed in a similar way with broad collars. It seems that the man is not pleased about her for some reason.

Drawn simultaneously with and alternating between both hands without glasses. Created on July 7, 2023.